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Backyard Paradise

Fine Lawns and Gardens installed this project in 2005. the project features a main raised terrace off the house with a pergola, free standing counter, above ground spa, pond with adjacent smaller patio and pergola, walkway and arbor at the driveway entrance. From the main terrace you look down across the property to view the pond and secondary patio and pergola. The pond creates a tranquil setting to view the woodland on the other side of the property.

The outer curve of the pergola softens the hard architectural lines of the house. In addition, the pergola provides filtered shade for the terrace.
This smaller pergola provides the homeowners with a quite space to enjoy the pond and gardens away from the house and larger terrace.

The artbor creates a welcoming entrance into the backyard. It is a focal point when guests arrive and it leads them under the structure and then the view of the gardens and pond become visible.

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